MoAS (Mobility of Architectural Space)
Zelkova, Maedeup, Oil, LG OLED light
80 x 5 x 180cm, each

Along the long stretch of the grain of zelkova tree, the eyes stop at the frame of the door covered with hanji, gracefully standing. The light that escapes through it warmly brightens the space like a moonlight at night, and the colorful maedeup (decorative knots) cast in front of the bars in the window balances on both ends. Reminiscent of a Korean traditional window, this work is a folding screen designed by the designer SOH Eun-myeong. Titled MoAS (Mobility of Architectural Space), this work transforms a two-fold screen, Gokgyeong, to give not only the functions of dividing, covering and decorating, but also the function of soft indirect lighting with the LG OLED light. The traditional maedeup hanging maximizes its decorativeness.

Two of two-fold screens can also be one structure depending on the way of installing them, thanks to the skills of an important intangible cultural heritage, somokjang artisan Hong Hun-pyo and a Seoul intangible cultural heritage, maedeupjang Kim Eun-yeong who designed and produced this work of the simple sense of Korean beauty. After the process of drying the zelkova tree for years and refining it several times, The somokjang artisan Hong Hunpyo highlighted the beauty of the wood grain and elaborately structured by the traditional weaving. The frame of the door made of minimal materials and the refined skills shows the light and simple aesthetic values. This work is characterized by its seemingly simple looks, yet with its compact technology and meticulously measured solidity. The master Kim Eum-yeong’s elegant maedeup made by braiding the thinly threaded silk she dyed herself, results in several shapes, depend on which various maedeup patterns are formed. It is worthy of saying that a maedeup born at the fingertips is just like gorgeous flower. It is called ‘Yuso’ that maedep is decorated with tassels, the Yuso for this work is the one used for flag of ‘a charm of Inro Bodhisattva‘ that turns people to Buddhism. In order to pray for a world full of goodness, Yuso is placed on both ends in a balanced manner along with light to benefit everybody.

HONG Hoon-pyo

b.1973, works in Seoul
Certified Trainee of National Intangible Cultural Heritage PARK Myung-bae
President, HONG Hoon-pyo st Workshop

  • 2010-2013 Training Youngsan Master’s Workshop of Park Myeong-bae
Solo exhibition
  • 2017 HONG Hoon-pyo Wood Furniture Exhibition, Sinnae-dong Catholic Church, Seoul
Invited exhibitions
  • 2017 Aging Wood, Aging Furniture, Geumboseong Art Center, Seoul
  • 2016 Masterpieces of Traditional Craft Exhibition, Canter for Training in Important Intangible Properties, Seoul
  • 2016 National Intangible Cultural Heritage PARK Myung-bae and His pupils Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  • 2012 Gyeonggi Style, Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, Yongin
  • 2012 Participation Prize, Korean Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition, Seoul
  • 2012 Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural Properties, Seoul

KIM Eun-young

b.1942, works in Seoul
Regional Intangible Cultural Heritage of Seoul for Knotting

  • 1987-1989 MFA, Dyeing, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul
  • 1966-1979 Knot Process Part, Kim Hee-jin’s knot Workshop, Seoul
  • 1960-1964 BFA, Interior Decor, Ewha Womans University, Seoul
Solo exhibitions
  • 2009 Nodi Che Ammaliano, Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome, Italy
  • 2004 Exhibition for knot, Ghana Beauvoir Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2002 Knot Exhibition of Kim Eun Young, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
Invited exhibitions
  • 2002-2017 Transmission Knot Association for Kim Eun Young, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Seoul
  • 2015 Exhibition for Commemoration of Diplomatic Relations, Shipka6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2014 Exhibition of K.C.D.F, K.C.D.F, Brussels Belgium
  • 2014 K.C.D.F Invitation Exhibition, K.C.D.F, Budapest Hungarian
  • 2013 Exhibition of National Museum of the Orient, Rome Italian
  • 1982 Prime Minister’s Award, 7th Transmission Handicraft, Seoul
  • 1981 66th Royal Palace Special Award, Transmission Handicraft, Seoul
  • 1979 Special Award, Human Cultural Assets, Seoul
  • 2011 Warsaw Korean Cultural Center, Warsaw, Poland
  • 2008 Seattle Arion Art Museum, Seattle, U.S.A
  • 1991 Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

SOH Eun-myung

b.1980, works in Seoul
Art Director of Designartist Studio

  • 2003 BA. Interaction Design, Korea National University of Art, Seoul
Invited exhibitions
  • 2017 Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul
  • 2017 Collaboration Artworks, Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul
  • 2017 Busan Art Fair, Busan
  • 2016 Museum of Art, Seoul National University, ‘OLD and NEW’ Seoul
  • 2015 Korea NOW, Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
  • 2014 Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy
  • 2013 Matter & Matter, Gana Art Center, Seoul

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Korean Cultural Centre UK, London, UK
Central Cultural Français Library, Seoul