Arcaded Seat 1801
Maple, Rattan, Leather, Steel
140 x 60 X 76cm

The artist Jung Myung-taek has been producing furniture that maximizes the implied and retrained aesthetic in the simple form and the form that strongly expresses the compressed energy of nature based on the study of material properties. His chair reveals a calm and static presence, and breaths through space and harmoniously includes functionality. The Arcaded Seat 1801 at this exhibit is an indoor chair consisting of curved maple tree, a Japanese wisteria bundle, and a leather band that connects the two. Jung Myung-taek produced a backrest using wood instead of iron place he usually uses. The 200 thin strands of Japanese wisteria were tied up to become a seat, like the familiar folklore produces made by weaving wooden boards together in the courtyard of the hanok. The maple pieces piled up on the back became the backrest. The artist assembled the physical proterties of the materials such as flexibility, elasticity and rigidity of the wood into one chair, and made the furniture that has an emotional sense that talks and sympathizes.

Furthermore, the artist tried to convey in the Arcaded Seat 1801 the beauty of Korea that resembles the purity of nature, using the natural shapes of maple and rattan bundles. It focuses on the companionship of man and nature as if it appeals to the current generation that is enthusiastic about artificial and new materials. The simple yet sophisticated form found in natural materials satisfies the functions of a chair as well as aesthetic elements, and broadens the scope of thinking that everyday objects have.

JUNG Myung-taek

b.1971, works in Kyungsan, Gyeongnam
Associate Professor, College of Design Art, Yeungnam University

  • 2015 Ph.D, Design and Crafts, Hongik University Graduate School, Seoul
  • 2007 MFA, Woodworkigng & Furniture Design, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
  • 2001 MFA, Woodworking & Furniture Design, Hong-ik University, Seoul
  • 1998 BFA, Woodworking & Furniture Design, Hong-ik University, Seoul
Solo exhibitions
  • 2014 Jung Myung-taek Art Furniture, The Page Gallery, Seoul
  • 2012 Jung Myung-taek Art Furniture, Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu
  • 2008 Jung Myung-taek Art Furniture, Gana Art Forum Space, Seoul
Invited exhibitions
  • 2017 Steel Craft-art of Living, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang
  • 2016 Atelier Story Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  • 2015 Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth, Chatsworth House, UK
  • 2011 Dignity of Craftsman, COEX, Seoul
  • 2010 Tent London, Truman Brewery, London, UK
  • 2010 Design Miami Basel, Basel Switzerland
  • 2010 Change from Material into Art, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
  • 2010 Pereom Tower_Daeyang Ship Co., Seoul