Gujok-ban with Palmette Vine
Ginko, Ott-chil, Jagae(Mother-of-pearl)
60 x 60 x 31cm

A national intangible cultural heritage najeonjang Lee Hyung-man, who started the mother-of-pearl inlaying on an accidental occasion, learned najeon at the Gyeongsangnam-do Najeon Chilgi Techology Training Center (established in 1956 as Korea’s first professional institution for arts and crafts ) for the first time. While he was studying between 1960 and 1963 at the center, he met the najeonjang Kim Bong-ryong (1903-1994, designated as a national intangible cultural heritage najeonjang in 1966) who directed the training in najeon. After Lee Hyung-man finished training, he became a student of Kim Bong-ryong and settled in Wonju after his teacher. He received private lessons from the najeonjang Kim Bong-ryong and learned his techniques and philosophy. After his teacher passed, he was designated as a national intangible cultural heritage najeonjang in 1996, and still concentrates on najeon in Wonju.

The Gujok-ban with palmette vine expresses his unique exquisite design with the extremely extravagant flower
vine in the harmony and black and red lacquer. His jureumjil technique reached the highest point as he has been elaborately drawing designs of the pattern and cutting mother-of-pearl pieces exactly according to the design for more than 50 years. It is also important to set the color and texture of the mother-of-pearl pieces proper for the shape or position of the pattern to enhance the light reflectivity, or to have a relieflike sense of the pattern, for which the najeonjang Lee Hyung-man has an excellent skill. The Gujok-ban with palmette vine conveys the gorgeous yet not luxurious resonance of najeon with colorful light and the thin and free curves of the flower vine najeon pattern created by his delicate jureumjil.

LEE Hyung-man

b.1946, works in Wonju, Kangwon-do
National Intangible Cultural Heritage for Mother-Of-Pearl Inlaying

  • 1963 Gyeongsangnam-do Training School for Najeon-Chilgi under KIM Bong-yong, Tongyeong
Solo exhibitions
  • 1988 Exhibition Painting, a Drawing Threshing Ground, Seoul
Invited exhibitions
  • 2010 National Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Daegu University Museum, Daegu
  • 2009 Korea Modern Najeon Artwork Exhibition, Hansaem Interior Art Hall, Seoul
  • 2007 Exhibition of Lacquered Ware, Korea Village Center, New York, USA
  • 2006 Korea-Japan Lacquer Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo Art University, Japan
  • 2005 Masterpieces of Traditional Craft Exhibition, Gallery Lamer, Seoul
  • 2004 Breath of The Sky by National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Seoul
  • 2003 Conservation of Cultural Property, Yongin University Museum, Yongin
  • 2015 Grand Prize, Gangwon Intangible Culture Festvial, Kangon-do
  • 1991 Minister of Culture Award, 26th Traditional Handcraft Competition, Seoul
  • 1988 Prime Minister Award, 13th Traditional Handcraft Competition, Seoul

Mural, Wonju City Hall, Wonju
Wardrobe chest, Wonju History Museum, Wonju
Ham・Table etc. National Intangible Heritage Center, Jeonju