Walking on Moonlight
birch plywood, Jagae(Mother-of-pearl), ott-chil
60 x 42 x 60cm

The Korea’s master of craftsman mother of pearl work, Park Jae-kyung is building his own philosophy by his unique method called the ‘najeon relief technique’. The master Park Jae-kyung’s hyper-realistic technique of constructing three-dimensional layers of thick pieces individually sculpted is differentiated from the conventional ‘pyeongtal’ technique which only creates very low relief with thin pieces.

The Walking on Moonlight by the master Park Jae-kyung and a designer SOH Eun-myeong is a wall-lighting made with najeon relief. As if the flower beneath the full moon wobbles, the relief of najeon flower is firmly placed on the round wall-sculpture. For one lighting, a spring magnolia appears to be almost in a grasp, and, for the other lighting, a chrysanthemum is in luscious bloom, in which each petal seems to give the vigor of real flowers. The LG OLED light reflected on the ivory circular wall illuminates like the full moon, and the beautiful flower petals reliefs shine through the round lightings, attracting the eye. Park Jae-kyung’s unique najeon technique and the innovative design and lighting function of the designer SOH Eun-myeong will unfold a new level of the najeon work, bringing
fascinating artworks closer to the public with more friendly art.

PARK Jae-kyung

b.1958, works in Tongyeong
Master of processed Mother-of-pearl, Korea

  • 1967 Tongyoung Craft Institute
Invited exhibitions
  • 2013-2016 Tongyeong Najeon-chilgi Exhibition, Tongyeong (2016-2013)
  • 1995 Korea Cultural Goods Special Exhibition
  • 1994 Korea Master Hand Exhibition
  • 1994 Korea Crafts Exhibition
  • 1994-1990 1st-3rd Busan Najeon-chilgi Creators Exhibition, Busan
  • 1989 Korea lacquer-art Special Exhibition

SOH Eun-myung

b.1980, works in Seoul
Art Director of Designartist Studio

  • 2003 BA. Interaction Design, Korea National University of Art, Seoul
Invited exhibitions
  • 2017 Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul
  • 2017 Collaboration Artworks, Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul
  • 2017 Busan Art Fair, Busan
  • 2016 Museum of Art, Seoul National University, ‘OLD and NEW’ Seoul
  • 2015 Korea NOW, Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
  • 2014 Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy
  • 2013 Matter & Matter, Gana Art Center, Seoul

Google UK Office, London, UK
Korean Cultural Centre UK, London, UK
Central Cultural Français Library, Seoul