another Stone and Stone_Wood Stool &Table
Natural Stone, Walnut, 23K Gold Foil, Ott-chil
No.33 57.6 x 59.6 x 39츠
No.44 58.6 x 76.6 x 37cm
No.55 57.6 x 58.6 x 36.8cm

The work of Kim Gun-soo exists beyond human time and starts from the point of collecting natural stones and trees which have layers of overlapped time. The natural stone selected as a piece of nature becomes the central material of his work, and it is again replicated with another medium (tree) through modern technology. The artist discovers the meaning of the original object and another value for the transformed and reproduced object, and gives it an artistic meaning. This creates a similar context to the process of continuing tradition.

The motif of this work is the tutelary stone and dolmen, symbols of traditional folk religion. By reconstructing the original form of nature and the replicated ‘another’ nature into a 2-stories structure, it forms a tension among the original of ‘nature’, and ‘replication’ as an industrial production, the artistic act of ‘transformation’. Moreover, the artist has given the function of the stool and table to the structural form. another Stone and Stone_Wood Stool&Table series at this exhibit is arranged in a vertically symmetrical manner, with replicated walnut trees scaled in proportion to the Boryeong stone from nature. The reality is maximized as the traces of the bumps of natural stones are reproduced on the surface of the replicated wood. It amplifies the viewers’ thinking about reproduced objects by causing a cognitive error as it has the same appearance as the original, but different physical properties. Particularly, the Table adds tension to the contrast between natural and artificial glamour with the plated wood on the top.

In the course of this replication, the artist used CNC and 3D printing technology through 3D scanning instead of traditional methods to create a reduced and enlarged replicas of the prototype. As the craftsmen have their own unique tools, the artist Kim Gun-soo uses the newest technology and machines as refining tools. Recognizing that the present is on the flow of history, the artist is making the upcoming tradition with the attitude of accepting the change of the environment according to the flow as well as the change of the tool according to the development of technology.

KIM Gun-soo

b.1967, works in Kongju, Chungnam
Professor, Major of Furniture Design, Kongju National University

  • 2017 Ph.D, Design and Crafts, Hongik University Graduate School, Seoul
  • 2001 2001 MFA, Woodworking & Furniture Design, Hong-ik University, Seoul
  • 1998 1998 BFA, Woodworking&Furniture Design, Hong-ik University, Seoul
  • 2016 Another Stone and Stone, HoMA, Seoul
  • 2015 This Is Not A Stone, Limlip Art Gallery, Gongju
  • 2012 Mass Furniture, Baekje Educational Culture Center, Gongju
  • 2017 Matter and Mass Art Furniture, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
  • 2017 Cologne International Furniture Fair, Cologne Messe, Cologne Germany
  • 2016 Craft Trend Fair_Main Theme Pavilion, COEX, Seoul
  • 2015 Milan International Furniture Fair, Fiera Milan Rho, Milan Italy
  • 2014 Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul
  • 2013 Paris Design Week Now Le Off, La Cite de La Mode et du design, Paris France
  • 2013 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Old Tobacco Manufacturing, Cheongju
  • 2015 Kongju National University, Gongju
  • 2012 GE Korea, Gyeonggi-do
  • 2004 Alice Choi Office, Jinju