Stuffed Remembrance 2011 Stoneware decorated with white slip and incised under transparent glaze Reduction firing 60X24X34(h)cm

KIM Daehoon is an artist who thinks outside of the stereotypes of traditional ceramics, always searching for ways to expand the use of materials, expressions and techniques. At the same time, he is open to accepting new tendencies in ceramics through critical judgment, and consequently introducing new perspectives and expressions in buncheong.

Kim attempts to build his own aesthetics, while examining different works that reinterpret traditional Korean ceramics. The white slip applied to decorate clay surfaces is treated like paint on canvas. It is added and then taken off repeatedly. He incises texts, numbers, symbols and more, as an endeavor or a tribute to subject matters on what is happening in the world, namely memorable issues, shocking incidents, accidents and other political and social happenings. He attempts to catch the moment by recording them in his work. They are his way of “stuffing memories”.

The work exemplifies his reaction toward some of world’s noted incidents. Under the subject “Stuffed remembrance,” Kim says that what is needed by people of today is “not faster functions, more bountiful lives, or more convenient environments, but tales, virtues, community lifestyles, labor, and myths that our ancestors showed us, and the wise heroes from those myths.” With his experiments, Kim is connecting traditional ceramics with modern society as they convey what lacks in culture and life. He is searching for ways to restore the virtue of temperance and slowness as we never cease to progress today.

KIM Daehoon

  • 1989Established Yijuk Ceramic Studio (Icheon, Gyeonggi Province)
  • 1989MFA in Ceramic Design, Graduate School of Industrial Design, Hongik University
27 Solo Exhibitions
  • 2015Kim Daehoon’s Daily Life, Gallery Yedong, Busan
  • 2006Stuffed Remembrance, INSA-Art Center, Seoul and more
Main Exhibitions
  • 2015Contemporary Korean Ceramics in Asia, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore City, Singapore
  • 2014Giving Art, Gallery Yedong, Busan
  • 2007Tradition Transformed; Contemporary Korean Ceramics, touring exhibition in Europe (5 venues, -2011)
  • 2004From the Fire; A Survey of Contemporary Korean Ceramics, touring exhibition in USA (13 venues, -2010)