Silent Machine Part 2: Assembly, Disassembly water bottle, milk bottle, jar simplex, jar duplex, cup set, ceramics, brass 2013

Lee is an industrial designer who has been exploring the way of letting craft and industrial design coexist, by applying crafting techniques to processing materials normally used for mass production or applying textures normally reserved for craft — such as soil, trees and fabrics — to her design. Silent Machine is ceramic cups, bottles, jars and stirring sticks which uses as motif functional machine parts of the industrial revolution.
Lee does not want to forget discarded machines of the industrial revolution. Silent Machine brings into the world of aesthetics the more “precise beauty” that focuses on efficiency and function. Doing so, she shows that the beauty of an object can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the place, time, and interpreter.


Born in Seoul, 1981. Lives in Seoul. She got his BFA in Industrial Design from Hongik University and MFA in Design from University of Gothenburg. She was nominated as one of 12 Young Designers in Sweden for her thesis project, Silent Machine (2012).
Her group exhibitions include Shadow Objects (COS Project Space, Seoul, 2015), Maison Upcycling Project: Rebirth of a Military Engineer (Heartist, Seoul, 2015), MMP (Salons Christofle, Paris, 2015) and Design, Another Language (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, 2013). She also collaborated with Supply Seoul to organize and produce B-fit: Material, Form-giving, Assemblage (Gallery Half, Seoul, 2014).