Paper-string Bowls D. 21cm, H. 7cm D. 27cm, H. 9cm D. 45cm, H. 13cm

The Joseon period scholars, known as the seonbi, recycled the paper they wrote on to make various items for daily use. Paper is easy to handle for everybody and papermade articles are very light. Our ancestors had the wisdom to apply lacquer or oil on paper as water repellants. Paper string handicrafts become soft and shiny as they are used in daily life.

Kim Eun-hye wants to call her works “Bowls to Hold Mind.” She borrowed the shape of traditional containers used daily by our ancestors and the artist’s heart and mind are integrated into traditional shapes. In the same way as the Joseon seonbi recycled their used paper, the artist used the traditional mulberry paper (hanji) used for writing and clean paper strips 1.5 centimeters wide. She twisted two threads into one string and used that to shape the container

She said she was thinking of her mother when she made the paper container. The container, therefore, contains the mind of her pious mother who prayed every day. It took the artist two months to make the largest container. She conversed with her mother throughout the process of making this series of paper-string containers. Her works are the expression of her hope.


Born in Gwangju in 1984. She has worked as a craft artist, since graduating from the Department of Craft Design at Chosun Univeristy in 2007. She made her debut at the 4th Korea National Hanji Exhibition in 2004 where she was awarded the Gold Prize. She was awarded the Grand Prize at the 18th National Hanji Carft Exhibition in 2012 and the Special Prize at the 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition. She has been invited to five exhibition including Korean Craft – Resonance, a Graceful Sound of the Past Echoing Down the Present held at Quarter Guard Gallery, Delhi, India in 2014 and Cheongju Craft Biennale “Containing the Daily Routines” in 2012.