Tray Table with Daffodil Design
Tray Table with Peony Design Oak, lacquer, mother-of-pearl H. 25cm, W. 39cm

Oh Wang-taek

President of OH CRAFTS, a mother-of-pearl lacquerware workshop\

  • 1981Studied under Kim Tae-hee, the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 10
    (Najeonjang, mother-of-pearl inlaid lacquerware master)
  • 1982Accepted for the 6th Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition
  • 1993Founded Goam Najeon Chilgi Workshop
    Exported tea sets and other life design products to Japan
  • 2009Accepted for the 9th Wonju Korea Lacquer Handicraft Art Exhibition
  • 2010Accepted for the 10th Wonju Korea Lacquer Handicraft Art Exhibition
    Participation Award at the 1st Korea Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Lacquerware Crafts Competition
  • 2012“Constancy and Change in Korean Craft 2012,” Lotte Gallery, Korea
    Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, Taiwan
    Member of Korea Crafts Arts Association