Lacquered Console with Ivy and Peony Design Hemp, lacquer, mother-of-pearl H. 114cm, W. 71cm, D. 38.5cm


  • 1968Studied under Min Jong-tae, the holder of Intangible Cultural Property No. 14 (Najeonjang, mother-of-pearl inlaid lacquerware master) of Seoul
  • 1980Founded Sugok Lacquerware Institute
  • 1991Designated as the Najeon chilgi (mother-of-pearl inlaid lacquerware) Master No. 1
  • 1996Designated as the Cultural Property Repair Engineer No. 1622
  • 1999Designated as the holder of Intangible Cultural Property No. 1 (Ottchiljang, lacquerware master) of Seoul
    Current Professor at Korea Traditional Craft Architecture School
    Part-time Lecturer at the Seoul National University President of Sugok Workshop
  • 1994Solo exhibition, The Shilla Hotel, Korea
  • 2002Korean Craft Artist Exhibition, France
  • 2005Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Korea Culture Publicity Foundation, Germany
  • 2006 Japan & Korea Lacquer Arts Exhibition, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
  • 2007Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, U.S.
  • 2009Special invitation exhibition, The Korean Cultural Centre, England
  • 2011Special invitation exhibition, Tainan International Treechi Art Exhibition, Taiwan
  • 2012Sohn Dae-hyun Lacquerware Exhibition, Daegu University Museum, Korea