Pentagonal Variance Stoneware Body H. 43~48cm, W. 34.5~50.5cm, D. 45~50cm

Kim Yik-yung

  • 1957Bachelor of Arts, Department of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul
  • 1961Master of Fine Arts, College of Ceramics, Alfred University, Alfred, New York
  • 1961~1963 Curatorial Assistant, National Museum of Korea, Seoul
  • 1975~2000 Professor, Department of Ceramic Design, College of Design and Architecture, Kookmin University, Seoul
  • 1983Private view, Tokyo Gallery and Ueda Gallery, Japan
  • 1995Gwangju Biennale main exhibition, Korea
  • 2003Private view, Korea Craft and Design Foundation Gallery, Korea
  • 2004“The Artist of the Year” exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  • 1978Modern Ceramic Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  • 1982“Korean Ceramics Today,” U.S.
  • 1997The 7th Triennial, “Form and Content,” Germany
  • 2000“Expression of Surface,” Scotland
  • 2007Asian Ceramics Delta, Korea/Taiwan/Japan