Hanji Lighting Hanji(Mulberry paper) H. 34cm, W. 92cm, D. 60.6cm

Kim Sam-sik

  • 1953Started to learn the craft of traditional Korean paper (hanji) making
  • 1963Founded Mungyeong Hanji
  • 2004Succeeded in farming Korean endemic mulberry trees of Korea
  • 2005Designated as the holder of Intangible Cultural Property No. 30 (Hanjijang, Korean paper master) of North Gyeongsang Province
  • 2007His Korean paper selected for the restoration of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty by National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage
  • 2008-2011Actor and advisor for the film “Hanji” by director Im Kwon-taek
  • 2008Participated in the restoration project of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty
  • 2010His Korean paper selected for the Goryeo Tripitaka manuscript restoration project
  • 2012-2015Supplier of Korean paper to the Korean Monarchy Culture Institute
  • 2013Succeeded in restoring the traditional Korean paper for the royal court

Kim Yeon-jin

    • 1992Graduated from Suwon Women’s College Faculty of Image Industry
    • 1999Graduated from Musashino Art University
      Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design
    • 1996“TOKYO YOUNG LIGHTS,” Japan
    • 1997“Lighting Installation by Three Artists,” Taiwan
    • 2009“GAK – Natural Lighting III” at Seoul Design Festival, Korea
    • 2011“The Moonlight Sentiment – Natural Lighting IV,” Korea
      “GAK – Natural Lighting VII” at Craft Trend Fair, Korea
    • 2012“Floating Clouds – Natural Lighting” at “An Urban Farmer’s Atelier,” Korea
      “Breathe – Natural Lighting,” Korea
      “Maison & Objet,” France
      Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel
      (International Heritage Show), France
    • 2012“Natural Lighting VIII & Korean Wrapping Cloth” at Craft Trend Fair, Korea
    • 2013“Maison & Object,” France